Join us April 24th from 10am-3pm for a virtual beginner-friendly, team and individual math competition, women in STEM career panel, and more!

Competition Format

Participants at the 2021 Math Competition will be able to take part in:

  • Individual Round

  • Team round

  • Relay Rounds

  • Shuffler/Mixer Round

  • Guest Women in STEM Speaker Panel

  • Estimathon

  • Awards

(Competition format subject to change)

Who can Participate?

This is an event designed for GIRLS and NON-BINARY individuals only.

To compete in the High School division: the oldest member of your team must be in 12th grade or lower

To compete in the Middle School division: the oldest member of your team must be in 8th grade or lower

(Middle schoolers can choose to join the High School division)

Online Testing Procedure

We will be proctoring the math competition on Zoom.

If you do not have a working camera at home, please email us at [email protected] . You will submit all final answers through Google forms distributed on the day of the contest.


You may not use calculators (except on the shuffler/mixer round), google, rulers, protractors, compasses, or any other devices/tools besides pencils and paper are allowed.

Please fully read the rules HERE


This is a team event with a MAX of 4 members. If you need another member, please indicate so on the sign up form.

Past Problems

Need some practice? Check out the past inteGIRLS problems!

Feel free to emails us if you have any questions about the problems

Our Speaker Panel

Anna Ying Pun

I am from Hong Kong and came to the US for my PhD studies. I participated in Math competitions during elementary schools, middle schools and high schools (in HK, we call that primary and secondary schools), (I was a gold medalist in Chinese Girls Mathematical Olympiad). I got my PhD in UPenn and was a postdoc in Drexel University, Mittag-Leffler institute in Sweden (For one semester) and now a postdoc in UVA. My research area is Algebraic Combinatorics. I also love biology. I like animals a lot and I like to play with dogs (I just adopted two dogs recently). I love music, and I was in the Chinese Orchestra playing Chinese flute when I was in middle school and high school. I like doing jigsaw puzzles and I love to draw (I grew up reading manga and watching anime).

Molly Altenburg

I am an internal medicine resident physician at Georgetown who is hoping to go into cardiology. I majored in English Literature, pursued graduate work in the social sciences, and had a career in the performing arts prior to attending medical school.

Sophie Rubashkin

As a native of the DC area, I grew up in Chevy Chase and attended B-CC high school, where I graduated in 2011. For my undergraduate studies, I attended Barnard College, where I majored in chemistry and minored in philosophy. I am currently in my last semester of obtaining a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. My research has been in organometallic chemistry, with a focus on fundamental reactions pertaining to green chemistry. After graduation this spring, I am headed to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where I will be a post-doctoral researcher studying energy science.

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