2021 Spring Math Competition



Speaker Panel

Anna Ying Pun

I am from Hong Kong and came to the US for my PhD studies. I participated in Math competitions during elementary schools, middle schools and high schools (in HK, we call that primary and secondary schools), (I was a gold medalist in Chinese Girls Mathematical Olympiad). I got my PhD in UPenn and was a postdoc in Drexel University, Mittag-Leffler institute in Sweden (For one semester) and now a postdoc in UVA. My research area is Algebraic Combinatorics. I also love biology. I like animals a lot and I like to play with dogs (I just adopted two dogs recently). I love music, and I was in the Chinese Orchestra playing Chinese flute when I was in middle school and high school. I like doing jigsaw puzzles and I love to draw (I grew up reading manga and watching anime). 

Molly Altenburg

I am an internal medicine resident physician at Georgetown who is hoping to go into cardiology. I majored in English Literature, pursued graduate work in the social sciences, and had a career in the performing arts prior to attending medical school. 

Sophie Rubashkin

As a native of the DC area, I grew up in Chevy Chase and attended B-CC high school, where I graduated in 2011. For my undergraduate studies, I attended Barnard College, where I majored in chemistry and minored in philosophy. I am currently in my last semester of obtaining a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. My research has been in organometallic chemistry, with a focus on fundamental reactions pertaining to green chemistry. After graduation this spring, I am headed to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where I will be a post-doctoral researcher studying energy science.  

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