Our Team

Julie Steele - GDS '22

Julie Steele loves stumping herself with hard math problems, doing experiments with planaria in her basement, programming, solving and writing puzzles, being with friends, and dancing. An avid competitor in math competitions, she qualified for AIME in 2019 through 2021 and attended Math Prize for Girls in 2019 and 2020. She is INTEGIRLS executive director and a D.C. chapter team member.

Lillian Sun - TJ '22

Lillian is the Co-President of INTEGIRLS DC. Her favorite math topic is geometry, she carries a ruler and compass in her pencil bag wherever she goes.

She has participated in the 2021 USAMO, placed 16th at the 2019 Math Prize for Girls, and received a Silver Medal at the 2019 Math Prize Olympiad. In 2021, she was given the MAA Young Women in Mathematics Prize.

Aside from math, Lillian likes to dance ballet, write, and kayak.

Anna Li - PHS '23

Jenna Cai - LHS '23

Paige Ananfack

Pravalika Putalapattu - TJ '22

As a dedicated math student, Pravalika Putalapattu has attended the 2020 Math Olympiad Summer Program and received a gold medal in the 2019 Math Prize for Girls Olympiad. She loves to draw and read in her spare time.

Rachel Fields - BBIS '23

Rachel is a passionate STEM student using her high school years to take as many high level math, science, and computer science classes as possible. She currently lives and contributes from Germany while she prepares to start her own chapter. Rachel is also active in several environmental groups and she competes for her school's math team.

Samantha Wu - RM '23

Samantha is an avid mathlete with a love for reading and crossword puzzles! She has been doing AMCs and ARMLs since middle school, where she learned new techniques for solving problems and made new friends.