Our Team

Marina Lin - TJ '25

Marina is the President of INTEGIRLS DC.  She is passionate about math and hopes to inspire other students in STEM. She was a member of the National MATHCOUNTS team from Virginia and was given the MAA Young Women in Mathematics Prize. She has been qualified for AIME since middle school and attended Math Prize for Girls at MIT.  Besides math, Marina is an avid golfer. She also enjoys reading and writing!

Reanna Jin - MBHS '26

Reanna is the Co-President of INTEGIRLS DC. She has been passionate about STEM for as long as she can remember and has been competing in math and STEM competitions since elementary school. She loves puzzle-solving and competing in math. In her free time, Reanna enjoys reading, writing, jigsaw puzzles, and old movies. 

Annie Guo - RMHS '24

Annie is Logistics Coordinator of INTEGIRLS DC. She is a STEM enthusiast who has been working with competition math since middle school. She loves all sort of puzzles and problem solving, and enjoys crosswords and puzzle hunting in her spare time. Besides math, she is also passionate about theatre and film!

Avni Garg - TJ '25

Avni is Fundraising Coordinator of INTEGIRLS DC. She really enjoys math and CS. She has done AMCs since middle school and qualified for AIME since 2021. Outside of math, Avni enjoys playing the piano, dancing, and hanging out with her friends.

Samhitha Maramreddy - TJ '25

Samhitha is Outreach Coordinator of INTEGIRLS DC. She has been highly passionate about STEM since she was very young, being active in the math competition world since she was in 2nd grade. She loves obsessing over hard problems, learning about new problem solving techniques, and helping younger children with math. In her free time, Samhitha is an avid debater, enjoys playing the violin and piano, and competes for her school’s Biology Olympiad team.

Olivia Guo - MBHS '25

Olivia is Logistics Coordinator of INTEGIRLS DC. She is a passionate mathlete. She has qualified for both AIME and Math Prize for Girls since 2020, and was a AMC 10B certificate winner in 2022. Outside of math, she enjoys reading YA novels, doing crafts like macrame, and completing jigsaw puzzles.

Julie Steele - MIT '26

Julie is an advisor to INTEGIRL DC. She loves stumping herself with hard math problems, doing experiments with planaria in her basement, programming, solving and writing puzzles, being with friends, and dancing. An avid competitor in math competitions, she qualified for AIME in 2019 through 2022 and attended Math Prize for Girls in 2019 and 2020. 

Anna Li - MIT '27

Anna is an advisor to INTEGIRLS DC. She’s been involved in competition math since middle school and is excited to continue hosting math competitions and inspiring new generations of girls in STEM!